Dissection Kits

Shop for dissection kits or animal kits for students and classrooms. Save money with complete dissection kits! Dissection sets ensure you have the right tools, dissection guides & specimens. Shop all dissection kits now! WOW provides a variety of dissection kits that are perfect for the exploration of Anatomy and Physiology in a variety of preserved specimens. Dissection kits for frogs, starfish, squid, cow eyes, pig hearts and more.

Kit includes detailed instructions. Our dissection kits are perfect for students to study major organs, organ systems, and basic anatomy and physiology. Classroom dissection projects require planning, coordination, and often purchases from multiple places. Order a class room dissection kit from WOW. We make it simple—save time and gain piece of mind. In addition to mammal organs we have dissection kits for the study of circulatory systems and reproductive systems.

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